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oreo magic defi


Oreo defi finance is a decentralized source of companies is a unique firm that aims to make defi protocols & crypto loans. The Ore ecosystem provides the tools, resources, and ease-of-use necessary for running successful low-risk investments.


The vision of Oreo is to build a decentralized, global digital defi ecosystem community that allows content to be freely transfer their money to one person to other & also apply for crypto loans for defi projects


Oreo will incentivize Defi creation and financial diversity and return the rights and value to its users. Oreo will be a public protocol that not only carries yelid farming value but is also crypto for your daily needs contributions Decentralized digital Oreo system

Core values

The Oreo ecosystem will include farming, loan, p2p, oreo magic token, oreo exchange, decentralized defi magic finance

Transaction & financial ecosystem

The Oreo protocol aims to build a globally-distributed p2p and distribution system through utilizing defi blockchain technology. Oreo holders to earn revenue without depending on centralized platforms